Liewer Belsnickel 2022!

15. Diesember 2022

Liewer Belsnickel,

Wie bischt? Ich hoff as alles gut mit dir iss. Do iss mei Brief an dir fer seller Grischtdaag. Des Yaahr waar ich en arrig guder Bu. Ich hab all mei Rechninge zu rechte Zeit bezaahlt. Ich hab mei Taxes an die IRS bevor Abrill 15 gschickt. Ich hab im Friehyaahr un in Schpotyaahr abgschtimmt. Ich hab viel Zeit mit meinre Familye gebrocht. Ich waar en guder Mann zu meinre Fraa un en guder Daadi zu mei Kinner gewest. Was meh muss ich duh? Ich weess as normally schreiwe yuscht Kinner Briefe an dich awwer ich hab gedenkt as des Yaahr waerr ich es aa duh.

So nau do iss mei Winschlischt:

1 – En neie Motorcycle. Ya, ya, ich weess as ich schunn een hab, awwer zwee in die Gratsch waerre besser. Oh, un nadierlich meech ich en annere BMW hawwe, sei so gut, ken Harley!

2 – En neie Mandolin. Ich kennt arrig scheene Myusick schpiele wann ich en Gibson F Mandolin hett.

Ok. Ich weess es waerr vielleicht hatt die zwee Dinge zu bringe, so vielleicht soll ich en neie Lischt schreiwe. Do iss en Winschlischt fer unsere Welt un unseres Land in Blatz vun yuscht was ich paersehnlich will:

1 – An End zu der Grieg in Ukraine. Die Leit in die Ukraine hen lang genunk gelidde vun de Rockets un Schiesserei vun de Russe. ‘Sis Winder, kalt un Schnee, ihre Lewe misse zerick zu normal drehe. Kannscht du ee paar Wadde mit dem Putin schwetze? Vielleicht weesscht du graad was zu saage.

2 – An End zu Aarmut. Zu viele Familye lewwe un wuhne mit nix. Viele Kinner griege net genunk Esse un misse in en kaltes Haus schloofe. Bring Tschops un Geld zu de Leit die sie brauche.

3 – En Gfiehl vun Zammeheit in unseres Land. Amerikaa iss gschplitt. Mer iss entwedder Rot odder Bloh. Un mer darf net in de Mitt sei. Ich will en Land hawwe wu Leit mitenanner schwetze kenne. Zamme sin mir greftiger as vunenanner.

Nau datt iss aa en Lischt. Liewer Belsnickel, mach was du kannscht. Un wann mei Lischt zu viel iss, dann bring mir yuscht en Aarensch un ee paar Walniss.

Hallicher Grischtdaag,

Der Doug

15. December 2022

Dear Belsnickel,

How are you? I hope that everything is good. Here is my letter for this Christmas. This year I was a really good boy. I paid all of my bills on time. I sent in my taxes to the IRS before April 15th. I voted in both the spring and fall. I spent a lot of time with my family. I was good husband to my wife and a good dad to my children. What more do I have to do? I know that normally only kids write you a letter, but I thought that this year I would do one too.

So now here is my wish list:

1 – A new motorcycle. Yes, yes, I know that I already have one, but two in the garage would be better. Oh, and of course I would like another BMW, please no Harley!

2 – A new mandolin. I could play really great music if I had a Gibson F Mandolin.

Ok. I know that maybe those two things would be hard to bring, so maybe I should write a new list. Here is a Wish List for our world and country in place of just a list of things that I personally want:

1 – An end to the war in Ukraine. The people in Ukraine what suffered long enough from the rockets and shooting from the Russians. It is winter, cold and snow, their lives must return to normal. Can you speak a few words with Putin? Maybe you know exactly what to say.

2 – An end to poverty. Too many families live and survive with nothing. Many children do not get enough food and must sleep in a cold house. Bring jobs and money to the people that need them.

3 – A feeling of togetherness in our country. America is divided. One is either red or blue and one is not allowed to be in the middle. I want a county where people can talk with each other. Together we are stronger than apart.

Now there is a list. Dear Belsnickel, do what you can and when my list is too much, then just bring me an orange an a few walnuts.

Merry Christmas,


Do iss en Link alles zu heere! – Here is a link to listen to a recording of the post in PA Dutch!

1 thought on “Liewer Belsnickel 2022!

  1. Cathy A Krall 17/12/2022 — 07:33

    Perhaps if the Belsnickle cannot bring lasting peace to the War between Russia and Ukraine at least as in World War 1, the soldiers themselves can cease fire for Christmas and sing Silent night together.

    Vieleicht wie der Belsnickel net wahr ruhig zu der krieg zwischen Russia und der Ukraine net bringe ken, denn wie as im ersten Welt krieg, die soldaten sie select kann net schiessen fur Grischdaag und zusamme Stille Nacht singer kenn.

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