Landis Kuche!

Wie ich en Kind waar hot mei Grossmammi oft gebacke. Sie hot oft Kuchli, Boi, un Kuche gebacke. Alles was sie gebacke hot waar arrig appeditlich. Ihr Red Velvet Kuche waar die bescht in ganz Pennsylvaania! En annere Kuche, der sie oft gebacke hot, waar der Landis Kuche. Ich weess net ferwas es so genaamt waar. Vielleicht iss es en Reseet vun em Landis Store Wattshaus in Landis Store, Barricks Kaunty. Odder vielleicht waar es en Reseet vun en alde deitsche Fraa mit der Familyenaame Landis. Unglicklicherweis kann ich mei Grossmammi net frooge. Un ich weess net ferwas ich sie nimmi gefroogt hab! Sell waar dumm. Ich gleich Landis Kuche so viel ass ich mei Grossmammi gefroogt hab um en Landis Kuche fer mei Hochzich zu backe. Glicklicherweis hot sie ya gsaat. All die Leit uff mei Hochzich hen der aa arrig gut gfunne.

Nau sin mir in November un sell mehnt ass Danksfescht un Grischtdaag am kumme sin. Brauchscht du en neie Reseet fer dei Feschte? Wann ya, browier mol en Landis Kuche. Du waerrscht froh sei wann du eener backscht.

Do iss die Reseet:

Landis Kuche

3 Koppche Pulwer Zucker
8 Essleffel Budder
4 Oier (gedrennt)
1 Koppche Millich
2 Koppche Mehl
2 Teeleffel Backpulwer

Riehr mol der Zucker un Budder zamme. Duh die Oidodder dezu un riehr mol. Duh die Millich dezu un riehr mol. Duh es Mehl, es Backpulwer un es Weiss vun Oier dezu un reihr mol meh. Duh alles in en Kuchepann un schteck mol in en Offe (350F) un back fer baut 30 Minudde.

Do iss en Link zu en Video (uff Englisch). In die Video back ich en Landis Kuche in mei Kich!

When I was a child my grandmother baked often. She baked cookies, pies and cakes. Everything that she baked was really delicious. Her Red Velvet cake was the best in all of Pennsylvania! Another cake that she often baked, was a Landis Cake. I don’t know why it was named that. Maybe it was a recipe from the Landis Store Hotel in Landis Store, Berks County. Or maybe it was a recipe from an old dutch woman with the last name Landis. Unfortnately, I can’t ask my grandmother. I don’t know why I never asked her! That was stupid of me. I like Landis Cake so much that I asked my grandmother to bake it for my wedding. Luckily, she said yes. Everyone that was at the wedding found it to be very good.

Now we are in November and that means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming. Do you need a new recipe for your partys? If so, try a Landis Cake. You will be happy if you bake one.

Here is the recipe:

Landis Cake

3 C Powdered Sugar
8 Tablespoons Butter
4 Eggs (separated)
1 C Milk
2 C Flour
2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

Mix the sugar and butter together. Add the egg yolks and mix. Add the milk and mix. Add the flour, baking powder and the egg whites and mix. Place into a cake pan and bake in a 350F oven for about 30 minutes.

Here is a link to a video in English. In the video I bake a Landis Cake in my kitchen!

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