Douglas J. Madenford (1980 – ) grew up on a small farm in Centre Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. As a child I spent a of lot time with both sets of my grandparents, who were native Pennsylvania Dutch speakers. I was also lucky that both of my parents were also raised with the language. This experience would influence my future academic and personal pursuits. This site is an avenue for me to help people, regardless of where they live, learn about our beautiful language, rich culture, and extensive history. My main goal is help preserve our language for future generations to come.

Outside of PA Dutch, I am a father, husband, teacher, musician, and avid motorcyclist. My wife and I are currently raising our two children, Estella and Oscar, bi-lingually in both English and PA Dutch. I teach high school German and history in the Keystone Central School District and am also an adjunct instructor of German at the Pennsylvania State University. I play mandolin in a small folk band, The Broken Spokes, and love to use music to teach about culture and history. When any free time is available and the weather is favorable, you might see me on Käthe, my trusty BMW R1200R motorcycle.

To learn more about my academic background and publications, please check out my Curriculum Vitae below:

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